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High Sensitivity Gas Sensor – MiniPID 2

Gas Sensor
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High Sensitivity Gas Sensor | MiniPID 2

OEM gas sensor with state of the art sensing technology

Designed for OEMs, the high sensitivity gas sensor – MiniPID 2 is the latest in the range of PID sensors from ION Science for sub PPB level detection.

The ground-breaking high sensitivity gas sensor is 15 times more sensitive than the existing PPB gas sensor and capable of detecting trace levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) over a long period of time making it ideal for indoor air quality monitoring applications.


  • Overview
  • Key Features

Delivering a dependable response to thousands of VOCs across many diverse applications, the high sensitivity VOC sensor is a simple plug and play sensor providing a wide detection range of 0.5 ppb up to 3 parts per million (ppm). ION Science’s high sensitivity gas sensor also features a re-designed, pneumatically sealed electrode stack for high sensitivity and a wide detection range.

An innovative self-diagnostic feature indicates whether the electrode stack is contaminated or if the sensor is not operating correctly. The high sensitivity VOC sensor incorporates ION Science’s long-life lamp that offers 10,000 hours continuous operation. Together with exceptional brightness and improved stability, this facilitates reliable detection of less volatile and less readily sensed compounds, over an extended period of time.

Note: Alumina polishing of MiniPID 2 lamps is appropriate for all MiniPID 2 lamps except the MiniPID 2 11.7 eV lamp. Instead, please use anhydrous ethanol or methanol (please refer to the MiniPID 2 manual for guidance or contact for further support).

  • Patented humidity resistant technology
  • 10,000 hours continuous  lamp life
  • 10.6 eV lamp
  • High sensitivity for sub – ppb level detection
  • 12 month warranty (not including stack)
  • Sensor lifetime >5 years (excluding lamp and electrode stack)
  • Removable, pneumatically sealed electrode stack
  • Certified intrinsic safety
  • Series 4 / A

Technical Data

  • EX
  • UL
  • IECEx
  • ATEX

The technical data at a glance

  • Performance
  • Electrode Stack Colour
  • Minimum Detection Limit
    0,5 ppb
  • Range
    0 - 3 ppm
  • T90 Response Time (Seconds)
  • Sensitivity
    > 600 mV / ppm
  • Power and Signal
  • Supply Voltage (using internal regulator)
    3.6 – 18 V (non intrinsically safe 10 – 18 V)
  • Supply Voltage (using a regulated power supply)
    3 - 3,6 V.
  • Current
    20 – 32 mA (130 mA for 100 ms at start up)
  • Power Consumption
    100 mW at 3,3 V.
  • Output Signal (using internal regulator)
    0 - 3,2 V.
  • Output Signal (using a regulated power supply)
    0 to rail voltage – 0.1 V
  • Environmental
  • Recommended Operational Temperature Range
    0 - 40 ° C.
  • Relative Humidity Range
    0 – 99% RH, non-condensing
  • Lifetime and Warranty
  • Expected Life
    >5 years
  • Lamp Life
    10,000 hours
  • Warranty
    10.6 eV lamp and MiniPID Body –12 months
  • Approvals
  • Europe Certification
  • North America Certification
  • Worldwide Certification
  • Patents
    US 7,046,012 EC 1474681
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Gasdetektion Dichtheitsmessung ISM Hochempf. Gassensor - MiniPID 2



For further supporting documentation please see below.



Title Order number Description
MiniPID 2 Long-Life Lamp (3.2 V – 18 V) LA4SXL3.6 Designed for the use within MiniPID 2 sensor. Gasdetektion Dichtheitsmessung ISM Ersatzlampe
MiniPID 2 Long-Life Lamp (3.0 V – 3.2 V) LA4SXL3.0 Designed for the use within MiniPID 2 sensor. Gasdetektion Dichtheitsmessung ISM Ersatzlampe
MiniPID 2 Long-Life Lamp (3.2 V – 3.6 V) LA4SXL3.2 Designed for the use within MiniPID 2 sensor. Gasdetektion Dichtheitsmessung ISM Ersatzlampe
Red Electrode Stack A-846695 Red Electrode Stack for High Sensitivity MiniPID 2. Gasdetektion Dichtheitsmessung ISM Elektrodenstapel
PID Lamp Cleaning Kit A-31063 Used to clean the lamp within the MiniPID sensor to remove dirt, grease and grime from the lap window ensuring optimal performance. Gasdetektion Dichtheitsmessung ISM
Stack Removal Tool 846216 Allows safe, easy removal of the stack from the PID sensor. Gasdetektion Dichtheitsmessung ISM
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