Leak Detection

As part of the industrial leak testing of serial components, ISM supplies standard measuring instruments as well as customer-specific test adapters, which are individually manufactured in our in-house machining department. In the field of fixture construction, standard test equipment is available, which will only be fine-tuned to a corresponding product in detail.

Our SF6 Competence Centre is worth special attention. ISM offers a variety of highly sensitive devices for SF6 leak detection, leakage measurement, and room air monitoring. They are used, for example, in load switching systems (GIS/GIL) or in industrial leak testing.

Things to know

What procedures are offered?
  • Differential pressure measurement, pressure drop, flow measurement
  • Helium leakage measurement
  • Forming gas tightness measurement
  • Universal Leak Detector (TCD)
  • SF6 Leak detectors (NIC)
  • SF6 Photoacoustic gas detection

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