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SF6 Leakmate

SF6 Leak-
SF6 Leakmate | SF6 Leakdetector

The SF6 LEAKMATE – Leak detectors are used effectively in the mobile SF6 leak detection.Thanks to the detection limit achievable in practice of 1x10E-6 mbar l/s, the instrument is excellently suited for simple leak detection applications on SF6 switchgear.


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The processor-controlled device is easy to operate and reports detected leaks by means of an acoustic signal as well as the integrated LED bargraph display, which allows a rough classification of the measured values. This allows for quick recognition of small, medium or large leaks.


Insensitive to environmental factors

The leak detector compensates for all ambient influences such as temperature changes and air movement in the room. Intelligent control takes care of the application-specific adjustment of the leak detector.

The instrument determines concentrations above the background as seen when a leak is approached. Rising concentrations are indicated by an audible signal and the bar graph display.

In many cases, this coarse leakage measurement provides a quick and inexpensive indication of the leak tightness of a test piece before much more sensitive devices such as the SF6 LEAKCHECK P1:p have to be used.

  • Quick and cost effective leak detector
  • Easy to use
  • Leakrates down to 1 x 10E-6 cc/s
  • Selectable sensitivity
  • Automatic Zero
  • Battery Test Display
  • Audio Alarm
  • Coarse measurements on SF6 switchgear assemblies
  • Use in service departments of manufacturers of SF6 switchgear systems
  • Mobile leak detection on testing equipment such as differential pressure, mass flow measurement devices etc.
  • Leak detection on SF6 insulated switchgear (GIS)
  • etc.
  • 1x SF6 LEAKMATE leak detector
  • 1x Carrying case
  • 2x Spare sensor
  • 2x Batterie 1,5 V C LR14
  • 1x User manual


Delivery time Immediately, ex stock Mettmann

Warranty 12 months

Technical Data

The technical data at a glance

  • Detector
    High Voltage Ionization
  • Sensitivity
    1 x 10E-6 mbar l/s for SF6
  • Response time t90
    approx. 1 s
  • Recovery time t10
    approx. 2 s
  • Audio
    Frequency change proportional to leak rate
  • Display
    7-fold LED bar display
  • Sniffer pipe
    355 mm, flexible sensor conduit
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Operating Temperature
    -20°C.... 50°C
  • Power supply
    Battery 2 x 1,5V C LR14
  • Certifications
    CE-Declaration of conformity
  • Dimensions
    330 x 280 x 125 mm incl. transport case
  • Weight
    2.100 g incl. accessories
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Gasdetektion Dichtheitsmessung ISM SF6 Leakmate


For further supporting documentation please see below.



Title Order number Description
CalCheck Provides self-calibration in cc/sec leak rates of ION Science leak detectors. Gasdetektion Dichtheitsmessung ISM CalCheck
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