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SF6 AreaCheck P2

SF6 Area-
check P2
  • NIC
  • SF6
  • CE
SF6 Areacheck P2 | SF6 Confined space gasdetecor

The AREACHECK P2 is the reliable and dependable room monitor for the surveillance of indoor areas for enrichment of inadmissible SF6 concentrations.


  • Overview
  • Properties
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Delivery Scope

The AREACHECK P2 is the reliable and dependable room monitor for the surveillance of indoor areas for enrichment of inadmissible SF6 concentrations. P2 safeguards personnel and the environment and serves to reduce SF6 emissions. The SF6 AREACHECK P2 monitors can be operated as a stand-alone solution, or connected to a custom controller via a network.

All settings are carried out from a PC, or via the network. Mishandling or manipulation, like by turning knobs, is thus safely avoided. Fan monitoring and comprehensive self-diagnostics constantly monitor the correct functioning of P2.

P2 is equipped with our proprietary, world’s leading NIC SF6 detector. The device therefore operates without any cross sensitivities to humidity or other gases.

Thanks to minimal air intake volume, P2 does not cause any filter problems at the gas inlet. The flow rate is set in such a way that the NIC measuring chamber receives just as much gas volume as is required for a safe measurement. P2 remains operational even under harsh environmental conditions.

All components subject to wear and tear are integrated in the SmartSensor block, which can be replaced within minutes. It is therefore not necessary to submit the P2 console for maintenance or calibration. Only the SmartSensor is returned for factory refurbishment. This keeps the device 100% available and avoids costly mounting and downtime overheads.

  • Equipped with NIC SF6 detector
  • Permanent operational readiness – even under harsh environmental conditions
  • Integrated fan monitoring
  • Comprehensive self-diagnostics
  • Can be operated stand-alone or in networks
  • Maintenance-free thanks to convenient replacement of the SmartSensor
  • SF6 indoor air monitoring in substations
  • Monitoring of work and production sites where SF6 is used
  • WEL – monitoring for SF6
  • etc.
  • 1x SF6 AREACHECK P2 Room Monitor with P2 SmartSensor
  • 1x Wall holder
  • 2x Key
  • 1x User manual in English
  • 1x Calibration certificate


Delivery time 3 – 4 weeks

Warranty 12 months



Technical Data

  • NIC
  • SF6
  • CE

The technical data at a glance

  • Detector
  • Measuring range
    0.... 2000 ppm SF6
  • Measuring interval
    Selectable, standard 30 min
  • Response time t90
    Depending on setting 5... 30 min
  • Recovery time t10
    On next measuring cycle
  • Alarm
    Relay 1 x switch-over contact, RS485, audio output, alarm LED, status LED
  • Display
  • Self-diagnostics
    Sensor error, fan error, hardware error
  • Operating temperature
    -5°C ... 45°C
  • Storage temperature
    20°C ... 60°C
  • Operating humidity
    10... 90% RH, non-condensing
  • Operating voltage
    100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Abmessung
    H 300 x W 170 x D 130 mm
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For further supporting documentation please see below.



Title Order number Description
RS232-Cable – AreaCheck P2 23095 Used to connect the instrument with the computer. Gasdetektion Dichtheitsmessung ISM Kabel
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