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Gascheck 340

Gascheck 340
Gascheck 340 | Helium Leak Detector

The most straightforward operation in combination with an industrial design were the key features in the development of this series of new mass spectrometers such as the GASCHECK 340.

At a single push of a button, the leak detector starts the measuring program, regardless of whether it is a simple sniffing search or an integral leak detection in vacuum operation.


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  • Delivery Scope

The compact leak detector can be mounted in control cabinets or close to the test station. In addition to the current measured values, diagrams of the leak tests can also be displayed and stored on the integrated SD card (“Leakage rate against time” and “Comparison of successive leak tests”).

Thanks to the integrated PLC interfaces, the GC 340 can be easily integrated into simple as well as complex testing systems.

The integrated calibration leak is used for regular checking in integral operation. Measurement uncertainties are thus effectively prevented.

An oil-free version (GASCHECK 340 dry) with integrated diaphragm pumps is available as an option.

The GASCHECK 340 impresses with its powerful vacuum system, which has been designed to provide very quick readiness for operation. It is also characterized by a fast response time due to its high helium suction capacity. These features result in short cycle times and high part throughput.

The device is the only leak detector in its class on the market that is able to locate leaks from 100 hPa upwards.

A large selection of interfaces allows easy integration into production lines. The optional wireless remote control allows remote operation up to a distance of 100 metres.

Thanks to the robust construction and minimal maintenance, service costs are significantly reduced.

In conjunction with the ISM SMARTREMOTE PC-based test bench controller and the compact gas handling system (GHU) for controlling the entire evacuation and filling process of the test object, complete leak testing equipment can be set up with simple standard components.

Specific measurement solutions are developed for you in our department for fixture construction.

  • Switchable from helium to forming gas 95/5
  • Most powerful rotary vane pump in its class with 15 m3/h fore vacuum capacity
  • Unique gross leak detection mode from 100 mbar upwards
  • Fastest measurement due to high inlet pressure from just 25 mbar[abs.] and high helium pumping speed of 2.5l/sec.
  • Integral and sniffing operationIntegrated calibration source
  • SD card for data storage
  • Detachable control panel with clear pass/fail visualization and speech output
  • Expandable with SMARTREMOTE PC-based control and data storage systemTest gas handling for component under test

Leakage measurement and leak detection, e. g. on:

  • Fuel-conducting components
  • CNG systems
  • SCR Technology
  • Medical products
  • Electrical connector plugs
  • Air-conditioning elements for preliminary testing of individual components
  • Hazardous goods containers
  • Chassis components
  • Fittings
  • and many more
  • 1x GASCHECK 340 leak detector
  • 1x Maintenance kit
  • 1x Power cable
  • 1x Instruction manual in English
  • 1x Declaration of conformity
  • 1x Calibration certificate


Delivery time 3 -4 weeks

Warranty 12 months


Technical Data

The technical data at a glance

  • Detector
    Sector Field Mass Spectrometer
  • Detection limit
    5 x 10E-12 Integral
    5 x 10E-9 Sniffing Mode
  • Measuring range
    10E-12 – 1 mbar l/s
  • Ready from power on
    < 3 min
  • Intake suction capacity He
    2,5 l/sec.
  • Pumping time up to test ready for
    GC 340 (rotary vane 15m3/min) others on request
  • 1.0 l Test volume
    4 s
  • 10 l Test volume
    19 s
  • Intake pressure
    max. 25 mbar (!!)
  • Operating temperature
    +0° ... +45°
  • Operating voltage
    230V 50Hz
  • Dimensions
    W 547 x D 375 x H 393 mm
  • Weight
    56 kg
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For further supporting documentation please see below.



Title Order number Description
SMARTREMOTE Control System PC-based control and data storage system with selectable display screens. Gasdetektion Dichtheitsmessung ISM SMARTREMOTE Steuerungssystem
Vacuum Equipment Pre-vacuum pumps, bypass kits, vacuum measurement technology, tubing, vacuum valves, flange components, etc. Gasdetektion Dichtheitsmessung ISM Vakuumausrüstung
Fixture Construction Helium integral leakage measurement is the most sensitive method available, applicable to the smallest leak rates and large-volume test pieces. Read more about ISM's fixture construction department.... Gasdetektion Dichtheitsmessung ISM Vorrichtungsbau
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