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Gascheck 310

Gascheck 310
Gascheck 310 | Portable Helium Leakdetector

Mobile helium mass spectrometer leak detector for selective and highly sensitive leak detection.


  • Overview
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Delivery Scope

Mobile helium mass spectrometer leak detector for selective and highly sensitive leak detection.



The challenge was to develop a selective helium leak detector that combines outstanding performance with a small footprint, compact size, easy operation, low maintenance, light weight and portability.


Mobile Top Performance

The result is the GASCHECK 310, which offers superior performance at half the weight, half the footprint and half the size of conventional helium leak detectors.


Suitable for Daily Use

Thanks to the clean, oil-free pumping system, the GASCHECK 310 is the perfect choice for leak detection on systems that do not tolerate contamination.

It offers unrivalled performance in leak testing where mobility and safety of leakage measurement are critical.

  • Ultralight, only 21 kg
  • Clever design with extendable handle
  • Easy to transport
  • Detachable control panel
  • Operates in any position
  • Large, bright color touchscreen
  • Voice output
  • High inlet pressure
  • Integrated SD card for download and parameter setting
  • Highly sensitive leak detection in vacuum production plants for semiconductor, coating and solar industry
  • Easy application and measurement in confined spaces, e. g. for accelerators in medical applications and research & development
  • Easy handling in industrial environments such as power plants and chemical plants
  • Reliable travel companion, ideal for service providers, e. g. for leak detection in gas supply systems
  • 1x GASCHECK 310 Mobile Helium Leak Detector
  • 1x Power cord
  • 1x Maintenance kit
  • 1x International calibration certificate
  • 1x Instruction manual


Delivery time 3 – 4 weeks

Warranty 12 months


Technical Data

The technical data at a glance

  • Detection of
  • Methods
    Mass Spectrometer Vacuum and Sniffer Leak Detection
  • Detection limit
    5 x 10E-12 mbar l/s in vacuum operation
    1 x 10E-7 mbar l/s in sniffing mode
  • Response time t90
    1 s (Sniffer leak detection with 5 m cable)
  • Intake pressure
    max. 10 mbar
  • Operating temperature
    +10° ... +35°C
  • Operating voltage
    100 ... 240 V // 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions
    350 x 245 x 414 mm
  • Weight
    21 kg (instrument)
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Gasdetektion Dichtheitsmessung ISM Gascheck 310



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