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The new DELTACHECK leak-tightness measuring systems enable cost-effective and reliable differential pressure measurement through the use of specially developed and standardised modules:

  • Test rack
  • Control equipment and measurement data processing software
  • Measuring instrument


  • Overview
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Delivery Scope

The customer-specific adaptation to the test object remains as the only special design and is manufactured in our in-house design and machining department.

The exclusive use of the following high-quality components significantly increases the availability of the testing machine:

  • Measurement technology: ISM
  • Pneumatics: Festo
  • Profile building system: Item
  • Control equipment: Siemens / Advantech / NI

This configuration consisting of standard modules and custom test item adaption allows us to deliver fast and at favourable prices.

  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Parameter input and process visualization via 17 “touch screen
  • Test stand control by fanless industrial PC
  • Measurement data storage
  • Surveillance of all process-relevant parameters
  • Manual or automatic closure of the test stand
  • “Test object in position”-monitoring
  • Gross leak monitoring
  • Exchangeable plates for different test specimens (option)
  • Automatic test object clamping and adapter closure (option)
  • Operator protection by safety light curtain (SICK)
  • Quick-change systems with central coding connector (option)
  • Use of state-of-the-art pneumatic components (FESTO)
  • Short signal paths by placement of the measuring and vacuum components in the substructure of the test stand
  • Lockable double wing doors facilitate service
  • Control cabinet at operator height, rear side
  • Reserve for upgrading 20 %.
  • Controller with 16 inputs and outputs
  • Ethernet, USB, RS232 interfaces as standard
  • Example I – Differential pressure tightness measurement on fuel manifolds
  • Max. allowed leak rate: 1 x 10E-2 mbar l/s
  • Test pressure: 5 bar
  • Cycle time: 25 s


  • Example II – Differential pressure tightness measurement on oil suction pipes
  • Max. allowed leak rate: 5 x 10E-1 mbar l/s
  • Test pressure: 2,5 mbar
  • Cycle time: 8 s


  • Example III – Differential pressure tightness measurement on oil pressure switches
  • Max. allowed leak rate: 1 x 10E-1 mbar l/s
  • Test pressure: 8 bar
  • Cycle time: 7 s
  • 1x Test stand made of Item AL profile system
  • 1x Differential Pressure Leak Detector DP300
  • 1x Control cabinet with process control and data processing hardware, 17″ touch screen IP 65
  • 1x Customer-specific adaptation of the test object


Delivery time 8 weeks

Warranty 12 months

Technical Data

The technical data at a glance

  • Measuring range DELTACHECK
    up to 1x10E-3 mbar l/s depending on specimen volume
  • Measuring range DP3000
    0,01 ... 20,00 mbar l/s
  • Computer
    Fanless Industrial PC, WIN 10
    160 GB 24/7 hard disk drive
  • I/O
    16 in-/outputs
    10 analog inputs
  • Interfaces
    Ethernet / USB / Rs232
  • Display
    17 "IP65 Touchscreen with front USB interface
  • Compressed air supply
    Pressure transmitters
  • Test piece in position / coarse leakage measurement
    Pressure drop / absolute pressure
  • Optional
    Flow measurement
  • Power supply
    230 V 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption
    up to 0.8 KW
  • Pneumatic
    Compressed air, dry, clean, oil-free, min. 6 bar
  • Dimensions
    approx. 1100 (W) x 1100 (D) x 2100 (H) mm
  • Weight
    approx. 200 - 250 kg
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For further supporting documentation please see below.

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