Special Equipment

Customer Specific


Small series or single components are produced according to customer specifications in our special measuring technology department. The respective tasks are always presented to the entire ISM project team in order to develop a wide range of solutions.
Good design and an appealing, application-oriented surface treatment are becoming an increasingly important criterion in ensuring motivated and gentle handling of the test equipment by production staff.
Complex software in combination with modern touch screens allows a significant reduction of operating elements. Controls and displays are made visible as required by the present process stage, so even untrained operators can quickly and safely use the systems.


When it comes to new constructions or upgrading of existing systems, we always strive for the most "elegant" solution. Operation, size, handling, weight and design must harmonize perfectly with the respective test task. The resulting connecting link between the test specimen and the measuring device must be easy and safe to use for all operators. We exclusively use high quality, long service life components and seals so as to maintain uninterrupted testing for years, even in 3-shift operation.


Even complex leak detectors and measuring devices must be easy and safe to operate. The ISM integration solutions embed these systems in an industrial environment and create clearly structured interfaces to the operator. By using calibrated test standards (STDLEAK), the complete measuring unit can be checked at any time, traceable to international standards.

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