SF6 Tightness Measurement

[Translate to Englisch:] INCHECK SF6 Integrale Dichtheitsmessung

The integral tightness measuring device INCHECK SF6 essentially consists of three construction elements:

  • Vacuum chamber to accommodate the test object in its entirety
  • Vacuum pumping stations for generating the required vacuum in the test chamber
  • Measurement instrumentation SF6 LASERCHECK P3: vac, highly sensitive detection system in the ppb range

The vacuum equipment is designed to evacuate the chamber to the required vacuum level within a specified time. This creates optimal conditions for the integral leak test with SF6.

With the assistance of a suitable conveyor vehicle, correspondingly specified test specimens with a volume of more than 500 litres are introduced into the vacuum chamber.

The leak test system consists of a vacuum chamber with automatic door mechanics, vacuum pumping stations and all necessary valves as well as measuring cells for controlling the test process. 

Test Procedure

A test specimen (e. g. GIS, measuring transducers or similar) is placed by the system operator in front of the chamber on a frame with heavy-duty rollers, and is passed into the vacuum chamber. It is also possible to place several smaller test specimens in the chamber at the same time. The limit is set by the chamber size.

The vacuum chamber is connected to the vacuum pumping stations, which are dimensioned according to the chamber volume, via appropriate pipelines and generate the necessary vacuum at two remote vacuum ports close to the floor. The test process is initiated by selecting a product-specific material number then pressing a start button. The chamber is closed and first evacuated to a selected pressure between 0.1 and 10 mbar. Subsequently, flooding takes place up to the required process pressure of approx. 10... 15 mbar.

The respective pressures are stored in the controller as variable parameters. The pressure inside the chamber is permanently monitored. If a preset threshold value is exceeded the error message "Coarse leak" is displayed. This is to avoid contamination of the vacuum chamber with SF6 in case of a leaking test piece. In the event of a leaking test piece, the process is terminated in a controlled manner, and flushing cycles are started.

After the coarse leakage test, the SF6 LASERCHECK P3:vac is connected to the chamber and the fine leakage test is carried out via the suction line to the SF6 leak detector. After the measuring time has elapsed, a pass/fail decision is made via a setpoint comparison and displayed accordingly. The chamber is then flooded to atmospheric pressure. A failed part must in addition be acknowledged by the worker. Finally, the chamber door is opened and the tested part can be removed from the chamber by a conveyor vehicle.

INCHECK SF6 with flexible test chamber

INCHECK SF6 - Features

  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Direct integral measurement of samples already filled with SF6 (e. g. GIS)
  • Output of SF6-TOTAL leakage rate in %/a, mbar l/s, g/a and all other common units of measurement
  • Worker-independent
  • Fully automatic test procedure
  • Chamber volume 0.01... 40,000 L
  • Detection limit down to 1 x 10E-9 mbar l/s *
  • TURBOPROP diffusion accelerator
  • Fast measurement in comparison with atmospheric concentration build-up measurements (e. g. measurement in 1.5 min instead of 8 h)
  • Measurement data storage
  • Monitoring of all process-relevant parameters
  • Manual or automatic closure of the testing device
  • Coarse leakage monitoring with automatic chamber cleaning NITROCLEAN


* Detection limit SF6 LASERCHECK P3 0.3 ppb SF6 - in combination with chamber volume and cycle rate, almost all current and future tightness requirements can be met (e. g. 0.1 % total loss per year, 1 x 10E-7 mbar l/s, etc.).

Sensitivity of Detection

Measuring range INCHECK SF6 down to 1x10E-9 mbar l/s
Depending on the volume of the test piece
Measuring range SF6 LASERCHECK P3 0.3 ppb

Control Equipment

Computer Fanless Industrial PC, WIN XP
160 GB 24/7 hard disk drive
I/O 16 in-/outputs
10 analog inputs
Interfaces Ethernet / USB / RS232
Display 17 "IP65 Touchscreen with front mounted
USB Interface


Compressed air supply Pressure transmitters
Test piece in position / coarse leakage measurement Pressure drop / absolute pressure
Optional Flow measurement

Supply Requirements

Power supply 230 - 400 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Up to 100 KW
Pneumatic Compressed air, dry, clean, oil-free, min. 6 bar
INCHECK SF6 Testchamber with manual loading
INCHECK SF6 Testchamber with manual loading

INCHECK SF6 - Applications


  • Integral leak test of fully assembled GIS with indication of the total leakage rate
  • Integral leak test of SF6 filled assemblies
  • Chamber sizes up to 40m3

INCHECK SF6 Scope of Delivery

1 pc. Test stand
1 pc. SF6 LASERCHECK P3:vac
1 pc. Control cabinet with controller, measuring data processing, 17" touch screen IP 65
1 pc. Application-specific test chamber / vacuum equipment
Delivery time 14 weeks
Warranty 12 months
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