Experimental Department

Testing - Recognition - Development.


Our experimental department is available for the testing of alternative methods for leakage measurement. Documented wage leakage inspection of smaller quantities for test equipment release as well as the production of test adaptations are centrally handled here. 

The following systems are permanently available:

  • Helium mass spectrometer Leak detector down to 1 x 10E-12 mbar l/s
  • Multi-gas mass spectrometer down to 1 x 10E-7 mbar l/s
  • SF6 Leak detector down to 1 x 10E-8 mbar l/s - 0.1 ppm
  • SF6 Photoacoustic detection system down to 0.3 ppb
  • VOC PID gas detector down to 1 ppb
  • Climatic chamber - 40°C.... + 110°C // 20%... 95 % rH
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