The Portable and Highly Sensitive Allround Leak Detector for SF6 Components.


Based on the globally successful SF6 GASCHECK P1, the new SF6 LEAKCHECK P1:p was developed for a more mobile and convenient on-site leak detection. The portable version of the Allround Leak Detector is characterised by a high degree of reliability and measurement certainty, while at the same time being easy to use. The dimensions of the leak detector have been designed from the outset to comply with current hand luggage regulations.

For regular measuring operation, the only thing you need to do is switch the instrument on and off. Since the operator primarily does not need to measure a leak, but first to search and find it, P1:p automatically starts up in "search mode". In this mode, when the sniffer probe approaches a leak, the audio signal and optional vibration alarm as well as the analogue pointer all indicate full scale, signaling very clearly that an unknown leak has been found. Once spotted, the operator switches to "measurement mode" by pressing a key on the handset. The leak rate is now displayed in analogue and digital form in the desired unit of measurement, and a clear pass/fail indication based on the selected alarm threshold is given.

P1 Handgerät

All parts of the system subject to wear and tear are integrated in the plug-in SmartSensor. It can be replaced within a few seconds. As a result, maintenance intervals are longer and the availability of the P1:p is significantly increased. The 3 sensors included in the scope of delivery ensure that the P1:p is permanently ready for use.

Peli Protector Case 
For outstanding ruggedness, the instrument is built into a waterproof and unbreakable Peli Protector Case. The case is equipped with an automatic ventilation valve to accomodate to air pressure changes, e.g. during air transport. Its surface is resistant to corrosion, dents and scratches.

Unlimited Operation
The P1:p is suitable for worldwide use due to its wide range power supply from 100 to 240V - 50/60 Hz. The device also works for approx. 10 hours in mains independent battery operation. The charging process does not require monitoring, and the GASCHECK P1:p may by design remain connected to mains permanently. Where applicable, a standby mode can be selected to partially power down the P1:p when the handset is deposited for an adjustable period of time, saving both SmartSensor and battery life time. Return to normal operation takes place automatically when the hand unit is picked up again.

SF6 LEAKCHECK P1:p - Features

  • Portable version in waterproof and unbreakable Peli Protector Case
  • Maximum availability due to exchangeable SmartSensors
  • Highly sensitive 1.0E-8 mbar l/s and 0.1 ppm for SF6 
  • Very short response and recovery times
  • No warm-up or run-in time required
  • High operating comfort
  • Immune against 100% SF6 concentration
  • Parameterization protected by passwords in several levels
  • Convenient input of parameters via LCD touch screen
  • World's top-selling SF6 leak detector

Technical Data Overview

Detector NIC
Sensitivity 1.0E-7 ml/s - 1.0 ppm / Optional HIGHsens 1.0E-8 ml/s - 0.1 ppm
Response time t90 approx. 0.5 s
Recovery time t10 approx. 0.5 s
Alarms Sound output, status LEDs, vibration alarm in the handset
Display Handset analogue, base unit digital, plain text display
Self-diagnostics Intake volume, sensor life, battery status, hardware error
Battery Integrated rechargeable battery with automatic charge control
Storage -10°C.... 60°C
Operating temperature 0°C.... 50°C
Operating voltage 100-240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions Console 486 x 398 x 194 mm
(max. flight hand luggage 550 x 400 x 230 mm)
Weight Console 12,5 kg
Hand Unit 563 g

SF6 LEAKCHECK P1:p - Applications

SF6 LEAKCHECK P1:p Peli Protector Case
  • Mobile, highly sensitive leak detection and measurement of SF6 insulated switchgear in the field
  • Leak-tightness measurement and leak detection of SF6 filled components during production
  • Leak detection and measurement on GIS
  • Leak detection and measurement on GIL
  • Leak-tightness measurement and leak detection on military equipment, e. g. torpedoes
  • Inspection of fume cupboards
  • Leak tightness measurement on FM 200 filled fire extinguishing systems
  • etc.

Delivery Scope

1 pc. SF6 LEAKCHECK P1:p leak detector
1 pc. Handset, 5m cable, plug-in
3 pcs. SmartSensor, pre-calibrated
1 pc. Mains connection cable
1 pc. Operating instructions in English
1 pc. Calibration certificate
Delivery time 3 - 4 weeks
Warranty 12 months


Part No.: P1-100-0000
1 pc. P1/P1:p SmartSensor, complete, pre-calibrated with certificate, front filter and long cap

Leads extender, 5 m

Part No.: P1-400-0008
1 pc. P1/P1:p leads extender, with Lemo connector, length 5 m

Leads extender, 10 m

Part No.: P1-400-0009
1 pc. P1/P1:p leads extender, with Lemo connector, length 10 m

Leads extender, 15 m

Part No.: P1-400-00010
1 pc. P1/P1:p leads extender, with Lemo connector, length 15 m

Probe extension, 300 mm

Part No.: P1-400-0011
1 pc. probe extension, flexible, outer diameter 6 mm, inner diameter 0.25 mm, stainless steel capillary, length 300 mm

Probe extension, 500 mm

Part No.: P1-400-0012
1 pc. probe extension, flexible, outer diameter 6 mm, inner diameter 0.25 mm, stainless steel capillary, length 500 mm

Front filter

Part No.: P1-100-0024
10 pcs. P1/P1:p front filter, 5 Layer 0.2 my

Hose filter

Part No.: P1-100-0011
10 pcs. P1/P1:p hose filter for probe extender 300 / 500 mm

Long cap

Part No.: P1-100-0004
1 pc. P1/P1:p long cap with stainless steel tip, PTFE inliner


Leak calibrator SF6

1 pc. CALCHECK leak calibrator for periodic test and calibration

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