Universal Leak Detector GASCHECK G with Calibration Certificate.

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As the smallest and lightest hand-held leak detectors, the GASCHECK G series instruments are ideally suited for industrial leak detection, featuring a detection range of 1E-5mbar l/s for helium. Due to the different versions G1, G2 and G3, the instruments can be adapted to the exact requirement of the application.

A special feature is the update capability of the leak detectors. The GASCHECK G models can be upgraded to a higher version at any time - on site.

In addition, these universally applicable leak detectors are easy to operate and form a powerful tool for locating leaks.

Mains-independent battery operation
This battery-powered device weighs only 600 grams and detects all gases that differ in their thermal conductivity from the ambient air. The standard scope of delivery includes an impact-resistant carrying case, two battery holders, a tool for quick probe change and a flexible measuring probe. The leak detectors G1, G2 and G3 come with a basic calibration for helium, but also offer the possibility to select other common test gases in industrial environments.

Work practice oriented 
The easy-to-clean membrane keypad, in conjunction with the robust housing and the backlit display, enables the device to be used even under harsh environmental conditions.

Thanks to the integrated sound output, leaks can be found comfortably even without direct visual contact to the leak detector. The probe is simply moved over the surfaces to be inspected (e. g. weld seams or flange connections, etc.). Leaking test gas is picked up and immediately indicated on the display. The operator is supported by useful functions for leak detection.

The automatic measuring range changeover ensures operation in the most sensitive range possible at all times. A peak value memory can be activated to display the highest measured leak rate directly in [ml/s].

GASCHECK G - Features

  • Detects all common gases such as helium, argon, hydrogen, etc.
  • Detects all refrigerants
  • Weighs just 600 g
  • Mains-independent battery operation
  • Updateable to higher versions
  • Supplied with impact-resistant carrying case, two battery holders, tool for quick probe change, flexible measuring probe.
  • Suited for use under harsh environmental conditions
  • Integrated audio output
  • Automatic measuring range switching
  • Detection range of 1E-5mbar l/s for helium

Technical Data Overview

Detector Thermal conductivity detector
Sensitivity He 1 x 10E-5, CH4 2.9 x 10E-5, Ar 3.5 x 10E-5, H2 7.7 x 10E-6 [ml/s]
Response time t90 approx. 1 s
Recovery time t10 approx. 1 s
Audio Frequency change proportional to leak rate
Display LCD with backlight
Battery type 4 x AA (Mignon)
Battery lifetime 40 h continuous leak detection
Certifications CE EN 61010-1:2001 and EN 61326-1:2006
Calibration according to NAMAS/NIST
Dimension L 390 x W 60 x D 50 mm (Leak detector)
Weight of leak detector 0,5 kg (incl. batteries)
Weight with carrying case 1,6 kg

GASCHECK G - Applications

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The GASCHECK G1, G2 and G3 instruments are used for leak detection on e.g.:

  • Gas supply systems
  • Duct systems
  • Laboratory GCs
  • Connector systems
  • Flat roof bays
  • As well as all gas-filled systems or testing equipment in the chemical industry and power plant engineering
  • and many more.

Delivery Scope

1 pc. GASCHECK G1 / G2 or G3
1 pc. Tool for sniffing probe exchange
1 pc. Battery holder
4 pc. Mignon AA batteries
1 pc. User manual in English
1 pc. International calibration certificate
Delivery time 3 - 4 weeks
Warranty 12 months

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