Test Gases

For the test and calibration of gas measuring instruments and leak detectors.

Prüfgas, Kalibriergas

For your safety, faultlessly functioning gas measuring devices are indispensable. Checking a meter with a known gas concentration is the only way to ensure reliable and correct measurement and warning of gas hazards.

The test gases are supplied in small, lightweight, recyclable disposable cylinders. Tests of the display (bump test), function control and calibrations can thus also be carried out in the workshop or in the field.

Test and Calibration Gases - Features

  • Simple and user-friendly operation
  • International calibration certificate
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Manual or automatic flow control valves
  • Carrying cases and wall mounts available

Technical Data Summary

Test gas for PID Isobuthylene 10 ppm
Test gas for PID Isobuthylene 100 ppm
Test gas for PID Isobuthylene 1000 ppm
Test gas for PID Benzene 5 ppm
Test gas for PID Zero gas
Replacement cylinder CALCHECK 0,01% SF6
Replacement cylinder CALCHECK 0,1% SF6
Replacement cylinder CALCHECK 1,0% SF6
Replacement cylinder CALCHECK 100% Helium
Replacement cylinder CALCHECK 10% Helium

Test Gas Applications

Test and calibration of

  • Helium leak detectors (GASCHECK 340, GASCHECK 310, GASCHECK G, GASCHECK EX)
  • SF6 leak detectors (SF6 LEAKCHECK P1:p)
  • Leak detectors with semiconductor sensors
  • Hydrogen and refrigerant measuring devices
  • and many more
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