Calibrated Leak

Test and Calibration of All Types of Leak Detectors

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STDLEAK as a universally applicable test leak has proven itself for the fast and reliable verification of leak detectors in the production process. The simple operation allows for daily checking of differential pressure instruments as well as gas leak detectors.

STDLEAK is either inserted into a leak-tight test piece or into the test line. When sealed by the enclosed sealing cap, the leak detector must indicate a leak-tight test piece, and the corresponding leak rate when the sealing cap is removed.

Quality Materials 
STDLEAK is made of sintered stainless steel discs which are subjected to additional thermal treatment, ensuring excellent long-term stability. The desired leak rate can be freely selected.
For more detailed linearity tests, STDLEAK can optionally be supplied with a diagram showing its leakage behaviour at various pressures (e. g. 1 to 4 bar). This allows to generate a range of leak rates, e. g. to present the leak detector with values above and below the reject level.

Periodic Checks
STDLEAK allows the user to periodically check and calibrate their measuring instruments. The measurement certainty thus gained reduces the risk of incorrect measurements and associated rejections by the end customer. 

According to DIN EN ISO 9001, test equipment must be checked "regularly". Depending on the usage, the user may define the scanning method and interval. It has proven practicable to have calibration leaks checked once a year against a reference leak by the manufacturer.

Calibrated Leak - Features

  • Simple and user-friendly operation
  • Long-term stable leak rate
  • Optional multi-point calibration for linearity check
  • International calibration certificate
  • Outstanding long-term stability due to ISM thermal treated stainless steel sinter

Technical Data Overview

Test gas Any, non-toxic, non-explosive, e. g. HE, SF6, compressed air etc.
Leak rate Calibration possible from 330 ml/s to 3 x 10E-6 ml/s
Test pressure Calibration possible from 40 mbar to 10 bar
Accuracy 10% of desired target leak rate, 2% of certified leak rate
Operating temperature +15°C.... +30°C
Dimension Diameter 17 mm, length without cap 24 mm
Fitting 1/8 "BSP inner thread
Storage Dry, +5°C.... +50°C

Calibrated Leak - Applications

For Test and Calibration of:

  • Differential pressure instruments
  • Flow measurement instruments
  • Gas leak detectors

Scope of Delivery

1 pc. STDLEAK Calibrated Leak
1 pc. Sealing cap
1 pc. Storage box
1 pc. International Calibration Certificate
Option 1 1 Multipoint Calibration
Delivery time 3 - 4 weeks
Warranty 12 months

Required Ordering Information: STDLEAK -A -B -C

-A Desired test gas
-B Leak rate in [ml/s] or [g/a]
-C Test pressure, relative

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