Construction Biology, Underground Engineering

Specific Application Examples:

  • Subterranean surveillance of rock fissures 
    (e. g. for the detection of naturally occurring methane - to avoid fire hazards)

    Applicable products:
    GASCLAM ground gas monitor
  • Monitoring of substances posing a hazard to humans and the environment
    (for example VOCS, benzene, mercury and the release of hydrogen cyanide HCN and hydrogen chloride HCl)

    Applicable products:
    MVI portable mercury vapor monitor
    TIGER state-of-the-art PID detector for VOCs
    TIGER SELECT state-of-the-art PID detector for benzene and TACs
    TVOC stationary PID detector for VOCs
    FALCO stationary PID detector for VOCs
    CUB PID personal protection monitor for VOCs and TACs (total aromatic compounds)