ISM Offices
ISM Assembly and Approval Center


1992 ISM Germany is founded in Meerbusch-Büderich as an independent sales and service subsidiary of the globally active ION Science Group
1994 Relocation to Mettmann (Neanderthal) to expanded offices, storage and service areas
1996 The development department for gas sensor technology is founded
1998 Production of the SF6 GASCHECK P1 gas leak detector starts
1999 Finalist for the' Electrical Industry Award'
2000 Commencement of worldwide distribution of the SF6 product line
2003 Launch of the portable version gas leak detector SF6 LEAKCHECK P1:p
2004 Expansion and renewal of sales/warehousing and service capacities, establishment of our department for machining and fixture construction
2004 Development of the SF6 AREACHECK P2 indoor air monitor
2006 Market launch of PID technology in mobile and fixed installed versions
2008 Development of a PC-based control system for semi-automated test benches
2009 Development of a radio remote control and data recording device for mass spectrometer leak detectors
2009 Launch of GASCLAM ground gas monitor
2009 Market launch of HELICHECK standard helium test stand
2010 Development and evaluation of an integral SF6 testing device, featuring a detection limit in the ppb range
2010 Market launch of the TIGER - PID gas detector for mobile measurement of VOCs
2010 Planned expansion of the fixture construction department, new build of additional assembly areas
2011 Development and production start of helium-tight quick couplings for serial leak testing
2011 Market launch of TIGER SELECT - selective PID gas detector for benzene
2012 Product presentation of mobile helium leak detector GASCHECK 310
2012 Recruitment of new staff in the field of measuring instrument production and service
2013 HELICHECK mobile - a leak detection trolley featuring instrument radio control
2013 Market launch of CUB - PID personal protection monitor for VOCs / TACs
2013 Market launch of GASCHECK 340 - most powerful compact helium leak detector
2013 ISM assembly and acceptance centre for test equipment put into operation
2013 Testing GHU - Compact Gas Handling Unit for small helium test systems with PC connection
2013 Climate chamber for the simulation of extreme environmental conditions put into operation
2014 Product presentation GASCHECK TESLA - Universal leak detector for use on MRI devices during operation
2014 Introducing ISM-SMARTREMOTE - system-spanning PC based control system for all types of leak testing
2015 Product presentation of TITAN, the selective and continuous Bus-Ex gas transmitter especially for benzene.
2015 Product presentation TIGER LT Low-Cost-PID with patented moisture compensation
2016 Upgrade of our forklift fleet to STILL Electric 4-wheel forklift truck RX60
2016 Market launch of FALCO PID gas monitor as successor to the TVOC
2017 FALCO PID VOC Gas detector in new version with integrated sample intake pump
2017 FALCO PID VOC Gas detector with 10.0 eV for TACs
2018 Production of full automatic HELICHECK leak detection Systems
2018 Launch TIGER Multi Adapter Programm
2019 Helium Recovery Module for HELICHECK leak detection Systems
2019 Update for CUB VOC Detector