For the aerospace industry, we are a supplier of components for passenger aircraft and helicopters as well as for the military.

Specific Application Examples

Tightness test fuel system

Tightness test fuel system
(e.g. center tank, main tank aircraft and helicopters, fuel vent system, engine fuel feed system, APU fuel feed system)

Applicable products:
GASCHECK G universal leak detector
TIGER PID detector for VOCs
FALCO stationary PID detector for VOCs

Leakage measurement on cooling units

(e.g. jamming transmitter cooling in fighter planes, passenger compartments in airliners)

Applicable poducts:
GASCHECK G universal leak detector

Clearance measurement prior to entry of tank equipment

(e.g. when working in belly fairing, wing leading edge, engine fairing, tank farm areas)

Applicable products:
TIGER PID detector for VOCs
FALCO stationary PID detektor for VOCs

Tightness measurement and leak detection on SF6-filled components

(e.g. SF6 isolated radar radar equipment, SF6-filled rotor blades)

Applicable products:
SF6 LEAKCHECK P1:p Highly sensitive SF6 leak detection and measurement system

Tightness measurement on serial parts

(for example antenna housings, engine components, hydraulic systems, housings for electronic assemblies, etc.)

Applicable products:
DP300 differential pressure measuring device
DELTACHECK Standard differential pressure leak detection systems
GASCHECK 340 Mass spectrometer leak detector
HELICHECK Standard helium leak detection systems

Looking for individual solutions?

If none of our series products come into question for the customer-specific area of requirements, ISM also develops and manufactures customized products. Please contact us – we will find the right solution for you.

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